This BJDG-003 ESD Jackets are designed to be antistatic, low tribocharging and offer protection from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the user's body. The Jackets are constructed of a lightweight dissipative material which incorporates textured 65%polyester,35% cotton and a conductive fibres. The conductive nylon fibres are woven in a 5mm grid throughout the material,providing continuous and consistent charge dissipation.

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This BJDG-001 is a unisex ESD Lab coat which is ideal for EPA where static control is critical. Made from 64.87% Polyester, 35% Cotton and 0.13% Carbon-Suffused fibre 3/4 Length style with 3 pockets Easy snap fastening Press stud fastenings down the front of the lab coat, and 2 adjustable press stud closures on the sleeves • Adjustable snaps on sleeves • Snap for grounding • One breast pocket • Two hip pockets (one with ESD logo) • Available in all sizes: SS S M L XL XXL XXXL.....

Normal Colors: White, Blue........... Other Colors is available upon your request.

BJDG-001A is exactly the same style except with the removable sleeves, Sleeves with zip
ESD Coverall : This coverall is made of fabric containing a micro-engineered carbon fiber grid that guards against particles, bacteria and static charges. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Application / Use: Used in Semi-conductor, MEMs, Nanotechnologies & applications where static affects people, performance or product. Also recommended for bacteria filtration and particulate control. Appropriate for Class 10 (ISO 4) and higher applications.

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